Brandi Glanville, LeAnn Rimes

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The single white femaling and cyber bashing saw a cheesy pause this past weekend when longtime on-and-off Twitter haters LeAnn Rimes and fiancé Eddie Cibrian's ex Brandi Glanville made phony peace for the sake of the divorced couple's son, Jake.

And the fake smiling and civil in-person behavior didn't stop at the air-hockey tables.

Brandi went so far to give Rimes a friendly "@ mention" post the B-day bash.

"@leannrimes Just saw Jake's entire bday party documented on-line! Oh well at least Jake had fun, we all got along and it was a great day!!"

By the looks of the photo documentation, it looks like not only did the two share a table at the celebration, but they sat next to each other. Baby steps, people. A friendly embrace caught on camera would have been pushing it, seriously.

But, of course, someone had to make the event about food. Though, we were pretty stunned it wasn't LeAnn for once.

Brandi tweeted this morning:

"I just the ugliest picture of me shoving my face with pizza on line! At least get me when I am not being such a pig!"

We thought you and that pepperoni slice looked presh. Plus, it's nice to see you stuffing your face while others take to disintegrating. We'll take beef over bone any day.

Regardless, Brandi's biggest concern was—like any good mother—her son's happiness.

"Obviously next kids party we do at a a private home and say no cameras! Jake had fun and thats all that matters! Im happy if he is happy!" Twitter typos aside, we're just glad she recognizes this should be about the kids.

Glanville reminded us all again this morning by repeating: "Also I wish people would stop making Jake's Bday about 'us', we were all grown ups & everyone got along fine! end of story. Have a gr8 day!"

Honey, grown-ups don't try to steal other grown-up's men, bodies, and worst of all, identities. It's OK, you can despise her when the camera lens quits.

At least LeAnn didn't try to sing at the party. Not even Chuck E. himself could fake liking that!

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