Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgard

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Dear Ted:
From the reports I've heard, it doesn't sound like Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard attended Coachella together. Have you heard (or seen) differently and if not, do you think this means they are finally done?

Dear On for Coachella:
Quite the opposite, actually. Kate and Skars attended Coachella together on both Friday and Saturday, but Skars partied solo on Sunday, after Kate left for work commitments. No telling exactly what's up with this couple—first Kate jets off to Mexico san Skars, and then the two party together all weekend in the desert. We suspect these two are having their troubles, and Coachella was more of a publicity stop. True Blood lovers, stay on the lookout for a single Skars!

Dear Ted:
Is Sally Pearlsmyth Blake Lively?

Dear Blonde But Wrong:
So close, but no. Blake wears way more Chanel than Sally. 

Dear Ted:
I'm dying. Please give us more on the tragically hilarious arrest of Nicolas Cage over the weekend. Should we expect some sort of Charlie Sheen-ish follow-up to this? Will he be a warlock, too?

Dear Cage Up, Mr. Cage:
No, and we didn't find anything about the Cage meltdown hilarious. Dude has serious problems with violence and abuse, and despite being one of Hollywood's highest paid actors, he's dealing with deep financial troubles. Cage needs rehab and he needs it fast—hopefully this freak-out will push him to get the help he needs. 

Dear Ted:
I saw your recent posting about Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart and I love both the ladies and would go see The Hunger Games even though I am not a huge fan. Do you think that Jennifer referring to Kristen and Twilight has anything to do with her comment that she "day dreamed" about Rob after seeing him in Remember Me? I think you are ahead of the curve in seeing most of what goes on in this town so just wanted to see what you thought. I think that if Rob had any game, he would be with both, but I don't think he has it in him!

Dear Rob's Romance:
Jennifer may think Rob is total hottie (um, who doesn't), but the gal is way too smart to play the "other woman" in a relationship. Jennifer may try to surpass Kristen's acting, but she certainly wouldn't mess with Rob. Besides, Rob is way too into Kris to have eyes for Jennifer. He has tons of game; he just only uses it on one woman. 

Dear Ted:
My favorite Blind Vice by far has got to be Percy DuBois and Sally Pearlsmyth! Yes what happened is sad, but the guessing of who it is, is endless. But I think I've got it nailed! Is it Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick?

Dear More Blind, Less Gossip:
Not a bad guess, but Blake was a better idea for Sally. 

Dear Ted:
Did you see the pictures of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart laughing and kissing in their car after the premiere of Water for Elephants? So cute! I had a feeling she wouldn't do the red carpet, which was very disappointing, but I had no doubt she would be there to support her man behind the scenes. Have you gotten any juicy details from that night?

Dear Robsten PDA:
Of course we saw the pics, doll! And we were just as excited as you are. Sources from the party say the duo were inseparable and very much together. About time those Nonsten rumors were put to rest. Here's hoping this PDA is here to stay. 

Dear Ted:
I've got it! Sheila Horn E. is Dianna Agron. Hit me while I was cooking last night. Tell me I finally cracked one of your Blind Vices!

Dear Keep Guessing:
Hope dinner came out better than your detective work! Way off, everything-wise—age, look, career, all of it! Thanks for trying, babe.

Dear Ted:
I can't say enough great things about you posting my two emails recently on my wild guesses on who Percy DuBois, Sally Pearlsmyth and Cookie Muncher were. But I have a question for you this time. Hon, I have to know, what's your opinion on Kristen Stewart and her movies beyond Twilight? I mean she says she's serious about her job, and Robert Pattinson says he someday wants a family...Any chance she'll give him what he wants, or do you think she'll work until she can't work anymore and he'll give up on her?

Dear A-list Team:
Rob and Kris both care about their careers, but they also try to balance work and play. Kristen may be satisfied without a ring for now, but in a while (we're talking years), we don't think marriage is out of the question. Rob may want to get married someday, but he's not the type to rush, and Kristen is totally worth waiting for.  

Dear Ted:
Hoping am not completely offending her but can't help but wonder if Charlize Theron might be Sheila Horn E.? Hope you're feeling better. Be well.

Dear Not Horn E. Enough:
Good guess, as Charlize is just as beautiful as Sheila, but in a very different way. Thanks for the love, feeling much better. Bronchitis is so for the birds.

Dear Ted:
Is Cookie Muncher Adriana Lima?

Dear Getting Closer:
No, but Adrianna does have something in common with Cookie.

Dear Ted:
I'll admit, although I've been a Miley Cyrus hater for some time, I recently read The Hunger Games and am dying to know what the real deal is between Miley and the ever-so-hunky Liam Hemsworth. Is their newfound reconciliation legit, or will they be over before, well, yesterday? My little fluffkin Sophie sends you lots of doggie kisses!

Dear Lyrus:
Miley and Liam are currently back on. We've been saying for sometime that the girl needed a break, and with her parents reconciling, what better time to focus on herself and her family? If Liam can help the gal slow down a bit, then we are all for round two of this relationship.

Dear Ted:
You are awesome and seem so fun and down-to-earth. Wanna come to my wedding and party with me? Email me your address and I will send you an invite!

Dear Good Luck:
Sweetheart, shouldn't you ask your partner first? (Not everybody loves me, trust.) But thanks!

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