Leonardo DiCaprio

Ash Knotek/Zumapress.com

Leonardo DiCaprio touched down in the Big Apple last week with Bar Rafaeli, but he's been hitting the NYC scene sans his supermodel girlfriend this week.

Most people stay in on Sunday night, but most people aren't Leo and Jay-Z.

The two A-listers hit hotspot Juliet Supper Club separately on Sunday night, but they ended up sharing a table and hanging until around 2:30 a.m.

And on Tuesday, the Inception actor was spotted holding court at Cellar Bar, surrounded by security guys.

Of course, Leo's got a lot to celebrate these days...

Five million things, to be exact.

He just wrapped a TV commercial for a Chinese cell phone company for a cool 5 mil. Nice work if you can get it!

Not getting his asking price is this week's Party Foul: Diddy.

According to Page Six, the rapper is trying to convince NYC clubs to fork over $45,000 for him to host afterparties following his performance at Hammerstein Ballroom.

Apparently, money like that isn't the norm in New York and Diddy should only expect that kind of cheddar from Vegas clubs.

In addition to the green, Diddy also requires that the alcohol flow freely. He specifically wants 12 bottles of Ciroc, 10 bottles of bubbly, two bottles of Patron and "clean ice."

One venue in West Orange, N.J. was willing to pony up the 45 K and all of his requests, but Diddy reportedly didn't want to host a party in the Garden State.

Come on, Diddy....Jersey isn't so bad. Just ask Kim Kardashian!

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