Kate Middleton, Prince William, Jerry Seinfeld

Mario Testino/Clarence House Press Office via Getty Images; NBC Photo: Dana Edelson

William & Kate's Royal Wedding

Let's face it, the media (ahem) is treating the royal wedding (two weeks to go!) like it's more or less the second coming. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Unless, of course, you're Jerry Seinfeld, who took it upon himself to speak on behalf of an inundated and uninterested portion of the population for whom April 29 will be just an ordinary Friday.

Which is fair enough. What maybe wasn't the best idea is that he decided to air his grievances about Kate Middleton and Prince William's big day while sitting for an interview with a British morning show.

Timing may be everything, but location is not to be trifled with, either.

Seinfeld is bringing his stand-up act to London and while promoting his June gig (albeit from the safety of a New York studio), the comedian sat down with the ITV morning show Daybreak, where he was asked if he was looking forward to the royal festivities.

"Yes, I'm very excited," came the sarcastic reply. "Well it's a circus act, it's an absurd act."

And that was him just getting warmed up.

"You know, it's dress-up. It's a classic English thing of let's play dress-up. Let's pretend that these are special people. OK, we'll all pretend that—that's what theater is. That's why the British have the greatest theater in the world. They love to dress up and they love to play pretend.

"And that's what the royal family is—it's a huge game of pretend. These aren't special people—it's fake outfits, fake phony hats and gowns."

Sorry, Seinfeld, but dissing the wedding gown is going one step too far. At least wait until we've actually seen it. And even then, leave the fashion policing to critics more sartorially suited to dissect the dress.

Though just to cover his steps (and possibly ensure that his stand-up gig isn't completely audience-free), Seinfeld attempted to make somewhat nice with the Brits by clarifying that his caustic, cutting words weren't meant to be taken as an insult.

"It's fantastic," he said. "We don't have anything like that."

We're not sure if the comic plans on doing any sightseeing while abroad, but he may want to steer clear of the Tower of London lest he be ready for an extended stay.

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