Prince William, Kate Middleton, Snoop Dogg

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William & Kate's Royal Wedding

Snoop Dogg's, er, heart was in the right place.

But the rapper sounds pretty ticked off that U.S. radio stations demanded he change the title of "Wet," the song he wrote in honor of Prince William's waning days of bachelorhood, before they would play it on the air.

Hmmm, fancy that.

"I did a song called 'Wet,' and these motherf--kers at radio made me change the title to 'Sweat,'" Snoop told Vibe magazine, via Starpulse. "I didn't change one line on 'Kush.' I hear that motherf--ker on the radio every day, and we're talking about straight smoking dope. I can't be sexy, but I can be drug-oriented."

Sounds more like he could be R-rated but not X-rated. But Snoop's an artist, and his vision has been tampered with.

"I wanted him to have a little bit of fun before he got married, see all the girls you won't be able to see, before you lock down with that one, and enjoy yourself," Snoop explained earlier this month on Lopez Tonight.

"Me and the queen, we got a cool little relationship," he joked (presumably) when George Lopez asked how the song came about. "So the queen reached out and called one of my nephews, and my nephew connected me on the phone with the queen. And she said she wanted something special for her grandkid, so, why not?

"Let me do it, I'm the best when it comes to doing parties anyway."

Rumors started circulating in November that Prince Harry wanted Snoop to perform at a stag party for his betrothed brother and, unsurprisingly, the Doggfather was onboard with the idea.

"It ain't happened yet, it's gonna happen though," he told Lopez.

Well, no details from Wills' bachelor party were forthcoming, but it doesn't sound like a live Snoop performance happened. But it's certainly possible that "Wet" seeped through the speakers at some point.

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