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Last week's episode of Nikita was pretty awesome, right? We're pretty sure we heard Mikita fans imploding at the end of the episode, what with all that sexy time. Nothing could burst your happy TV couple bubble.

Enter Devon Sawa. No, literally.

Tonight on an all-new Nikita, Owen reappears in Nikita's (Maggie Q) life by walking in on her and Michael (Shane West) during a cuddle-and-kiss fest the morning after they finally gave in to all that chemistry. You saw a brief moment of that in the promo for this week, but I bet you wish you could've seen that entire scene. That's where we come in. We have the EXCLUSIVE extended sneak peek of the Owen-Michael-Nikita bedroom scene, plus Devon himself gave us all the goods on Owen's fate and what his presence means for your fave couple:

You like that clip? Of course you do. After you're done rewatching six or seven times, join us for a chat with Devon Sawa:

"Owen has been busy trying to figure things out. His mind is cloudy, and he has this new thing going on, which you will see in the episode, which is making his mind all messed up," Devon tell us. "And in [tonight's] episode he just needs Nikita's help because he is so obsessed with fixing things. All the bad things he did at Division, he just wants to fix it all."

When we asked about the opening scene where he walks in on Nikita and Michael, he interrupted by jokingly yelling: "Mikita is safe! Is that you want to hear?" Does he know this show's fanbase or what?

Eventually, he got back to telling us what it was like to shoot the awkward-funny-sexy moment. "It was the first time me and Shane really had a scene together. I mean we kind of had one before where he was up in a bush, so we really didn't have a scene," Devon says with a laugh. "But this was the first time we got to hang out for a day and do the scene and have dialogue, and it was a lot of fun. I think the reason for the chemistry being so good is because we get along so well, off set, behind the camera. We rehearsed it and played it out and that's what came of it. "

Nikita, Devon Sawa, Maggie Q

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Devon promised that Mikita would is safe, but we've seen the episode, and we can't quite ignore something happening between Owen and Nikita. "The Nikita-Owen thing is very small right now. It could get bigger, it could go somewhere," he tells us. "I think Mikita fans are safe for now though, especially in this episode. He has other things on his mind and doing other things so I think Mikita is safe for this episode, but you never know!"

Nikita has wrapped for the season, so we couldn't resist grilling Devon for info on the remaining episodes. He couldn't confirm that he would be back after tonight's episode (though we have a sneaking suspicion he will be), but he did offer this: "I have heard about some of the stuff that is happening in episodes following mine, and it sounds wild. I remember when I was shooting my episode, and they got a script for a future episode and the smiles on everyone's faces were huge."

As for season two, Devon tells us he would "absolutely" come back. "In the 20 years that I have been in this business, Nikita is one of the funnest things that I have done. You go to work, get cool guns, do action scenes, there are beautiful girls everywhere. It's really fun to do."  We hope you come back too, Devon. You are too much badass-ness to keep out of Nikita's world.

Watching the clip again, huh? Well, after you've gone through it for the third time, how about you head down to the comments and let us know how excited you are for tonight's episode. Is anyone out there an Owen-Nikita supporter? Or is it Mikita forever?

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