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Green Is Universal

Think it's easy to navigate the mean clean streets of Beverly Hills?

Well, it is.

And one star of 90210 thinks being green could be even easier...

Shenae Grimes

Giulio Marcocchi/Sipa Press

...and that's Shenae Grimes.

What's so hard about it, you ask? Not much, but let's let her explain:

"I drive a hybrid—a Prius, of course. I recycle. I try to use as little water as possible. It's so easy. It's simple to be green. We have to recycle in Canada where I'm from. We have to compose, recycle, we have to have two different recycling bins for plastic and paper. It's the law. So when I came here and it wasn't the norm, it seemed so bizarre to me."

When you put it that way, Shenae, we have to agree.

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