Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart

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Whether you can't wait to sink your fangs into Breaking Dawn or you're itching to enter Panem in The Hunger Games, one thing we can all agree on is that the faces of these two mega thrillers are hotter than ever before. 

Kristen Stewart, with her bold attitude, juicy relaysh with Robert Pattinson and commitment to Bella Swan has already paved the way for megastardom in a fan-obsessed series. 

So does this mean Jennifer Lawrence will follow K.Stew's lead while prepping for the role of Katniss?

Not likely, and in fact, Jen has hinted she may be able to do it better than Kris...

"So when I heard Kristen Stewart say, ‘I only read the first one,' I was like, ‘Oh man,' because she wasn't a huge fan of the books. I was like, for the book lovers I should probably read the books." 

Funny thing is, Jennifer dished on Kris before she landed the role of Katniss, and she is actually referring to reading Winter's Bone for her Oscar-nominated role. 

Now, more recently, she has commented to Teen Vogue about being a "massive fan" of the series, a very different approach from Kristen, who hasn't been shy in admitting that at times Twilight felt like "the worst, most trite piece of crap I've ever done in my life."

But why would Jennifer have any animosity toward Kris? Could it be because she auditioned for the role of Bella in Twilight and lost out to K.Stew, only to go on to receive an Oscar nomination and then land one of the biggest roles of the year?

Seems that Jennifer Lawrence is, and deserves to be, riding on cloud nine. As a small-town Kentucky girl with no formal acting training, the blonde bombshell has certainly taken Hollywood by storm

And with her unconventional and unique ways, Jennifer seems like the last girl to follow anyone's lead, even if the precedent has been set by the unstoppable Kristen Stewart. 

After all, it's widely known that Kristen has been a not-so-secret weapon in Twilight's success, and no doubt, Lionsgate envisions that Jennifer will also catapult to The Hunger Games into a big-screen sensation. 

But as Jennifer approaches her role as Katniss in a very different (or possibly better) way than K.Stew, we still wonder if Jen will look to Kris for advice. 

After all, Kristen knows how hard the Twilight fans can bite, and we have a feeling Hunger lovers may play the games even dirtier.

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