Blind vice group sex

Dear Ted:
I'm really loving the Blind Vices these days, but some are so tragic. On another note, can you tell me if Leighton Meester has a Blind Vice?

Dear B.V. Addict:
Glad you're enjoying them. Wish they weren't so depressing. But on a lighter note, I'll let you in on a non-secret: Leighton is a good girl. Such the opposite of her character Blair on Gossip Girl. Meester's got class, even if  Garrett Hedlund seems totally out of the picture. Taylor Swift's way Vice-worthy anyway.

Dear Ted:
Does Emma Watson have a Blind Vice? I get the impression she's kind of bitchy behind the scenes. Am I way off?

Dear Disser:
Ouch, babe! She's actually a doll—just like she looks. But as we see with all our favorite all-stars, give it time. The bad girls always come out to play if there's even an ounce of them in there.

Dear Ted:
Greetings from Ireland. Could you tell me if Bruce Willis has ever been a Blind Vice. I've had a crush on him for years!

Dear If the Vice Fits...
I would say yes, but since it doesn't in Willis' case, no. He's squeakier than he looks. Hard to believe, I know.

Dear Ted:
You said many of the Glee girls have been Vicey. What about Dianna Agron? She sounds like a sweet girl. Hard to think of her having a Blind Vice.

Dear Glee Semi-Clean:
I know, right?

Dear Ted:
I just saw a water commercial and wanted to know if a cookie would go with it instead of milk? Cookie Muncher?

Dear Keep Sipping:
Nope. What kind of freak eats cookies with water? Come on now. Cookie strictly prefers milk.

Dear Ted:
If Fey Oiled-Tushed is who I think he is, why doesn't he come out of the closet now? It won't really damage his career if let's say he came out twenty years ago.

Dear Trapped:
Are you kidding? It might now ruin his career, but it would definitely make some other aspects of his life disappear really quick. I think it's his time as well, but it's never going to happen with this one! Hate to break it.

Dear Ted:
I have always adored Ashley Judd, but she seems to have pretty much disappeared from the Hollywood limelight lately, save for a few obscure movies now and then. She's such a fantastic actress, so beautiful and always appeared perfectly classy. I can't help but wonder...does she have a Blind Vice lurking in her past?

Dear Lurking:
For nothing juicy. Tell me what or who you think this woman could possibly have to hide? Seriously, the woman's a devoted humanitarian and wife.

Dear Ted:
Awful Truth is officially my new guilty pleasure. I've been up since 4 a.m. reading them! Anyway, speaking of guilty pleasures, anything new with Me-Me Dallas or Wilby Whiskers? Or are they not interesting anymore?

Dear Newbie:
Welcome to the club, doll! Last time Me-Me was up to no good it involved some girl-on-girl action, but since then she's had bigger, more private issues to deal with. Boring. Anyways, rest assured that Dallas remains interesting. She just keeps it under wraps on occasion. As for Whiskers, he's way more interesting than she is. Keep reading! I swear they get better and Vicier.

Dear Ted:
We haven't heard too much about Tobey Yum-Yum lately. What has he been up to? Is he Sterling Knight? If someone guesses a right answer do you confirm it?

Dear Too Young:
Nope not Sterling. How out there is that guess? Tobey's been working on some solo time. He doesn't need a gal, or even any guys for that matter. He's staying focused and we're kind of digging it. Still, hope he gets frisky sometime in the near future. Yum-Yum doesn't want to go all dry on us like Priscilla Dessert, we hope!

Dear Ted:
Is Cookie Muncher tone deaf?

Dear Random Thought:
No, and why would it matter if she was? She doesn't need to have solid vocals for what she is known for.

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