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Two tabs don't make a truth, but when the covers of In Touch and OK! magazines both trumpeted today that beloved Teen Mom 2 couple Leah Simms and Corey Messer were headed to divorce court, we got a little worried. 

Sure, Corey and Leah seem to have all the right values, and they obviously love each other and those girls, but we just saw them bickering badly on last night's "Unseen Moments" episode of the show, and they're both young and inexperienced at life, so...could it possibly have already fallen apart? 

Hard to say for sure, and we're not out of the woods yet, but for the time being, we're taking great reassurance from this authority on all things Teen Mom:

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry, another one of the four mothers on MTV's reality hit, replied to a fan tweet asking about the dire headlines, saying, "They're not get divorced!" Awww, Kailyn, we have never loved you so much.

Now, Corey, Leah, so help us, if you need money for marriage counseling or something, you just let us know and the Internet will take up a collection to pay for it. Do it for those girls! (Hell, do it for us. We want to believe!)

In case you missed the bad-news parade this morning, In Touch said, "The final straw came recently, when [Corey] transferred $19,000 out of their joint bank account to buy himself a new truck—depriving Leah of money she needs to make ends meet." OK! reported, "Fed up with Leah's obsession with buying a better house, Corey left her. Meanwhile, Corey is bunking with his own mother, rent-free." OK! later posted an online update stating, "OK! was able to confirm that Corey and Leah picked up either divorce or custody papers [today]. Deputy clerk Clarissa Hanshaw at the Clay County Circuit Court told OK! 'nothing has been filed today,' but did confirm they picked up papers this morning."

Leah shared a bit about the state of the Simms family finances in a recent tweet to Teen Mom 2 costar Chelsea Houska, saying, "lol I haven't read any of it. I guess some tabloid said I bought a house and I got a brand new ford focus...I financed a silver ford fusion last September and I still live in a little house that coreys mom owns! Lmao<3"

The family also recently put Corey's truck up for auction, and when fans squawked, Leah posted on her Facebook, "Corey is looking for a better vehicle to drive so that way he can afford to get a car with better gas mileage so that way he can...get a better job with better insurance for our little girl." (Ali, one of Corey and Leah's fraternal twin girls, has an unexplained developmental delay which is currently being addressed by a clutch of diagnosticians, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist and a health-and-developmental therapist.)

No official comment yet from Leah or Corey on reports of their relationship's demise.

Do you guys believe the stories? Do you think Leah and Corey are having problems drastic enough to demand divorce? If yes, what can we do to help them?

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