Kate Bosworth


Despite speculation that Kate Bosworth and her hunky beau Alexander Skarsgard are borderline calling it quits, the babe has been soaking up the sun beachside in Mexico earlier this week.

One very absent and necessary accessory?

Skars-yum! Kate's "boyfriend" didn't join her on the little get away amidst rumors that they "have hit a rough patch." More like cannon-balled into one!

Has is this odd, long-overdue romance watered down for good like we predicted just last month?

Not by the looks of Kate's bod!

The actress was swimming around with a gal pal while sporting a tiny yellow bikini on Monday, and looked at the very least healthier than usual. For once the strings weren't totally sagging off her stick-skinny figure.

Bosworth, known for protruding bones, has told several magazines in the past that she tends to lose lots of weight in times of stress. With that additional meat on her it's hard to believe Skarsworth is really in trouble.

Except that, before Kate was splashing around with a girlfriend, she caused web surfers jaws to drop when news leaked that the precious, sweet Blue Crush lady was spotted sun-bathing and swimming topless.

What kind of taken gal would be that down to flaunt a free show?

Securely tied down or not, Bosworth looks beefier and it's good to see, especially since emotional under-eating runs in the Bosworth family.

"Whenever anything happens that's very painful or stressful, we all lose weight—my mother, my aunt, my grandmother," she told Vogue back in 2008, post-breakup with Orlando Bloom.

Let's hope if there is a repeat with Skarsgård the babe chooses to eat her feelings. Poor gal always gets stuck with the bigger name and then her frame pays for it.

We're guessing Skarsworth will publicly split up after their movie Straw Dogs hits theaters in September. Either that or all this chatter about a supposed break-up is petty promotion.

Whatever the case, keep chowing down Kate, please. Looking good doesn't mean you need a boyfriend to bow down to!

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