Blind Vice Straight Sex

Dear Ted:
I think I have a guess on who Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois are. Is it Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas? Joe seems like the kinda guy who would step up and see a baby as a blessing no matter the circumstance and Ashley seems a little more focused on her career. Am I close?
Inquiring Mind

Dear Jashley:
Besides the fact that these two are long gone, the answer is no. Ashley is way too assertive to let anyone in H'wood boss her around. And I can only imagine the kind of trouble this scandal would cause in the Jonas family. 

Dear Ted:
Could Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois be Mila Kunis and Macaulay Culkin?

Dear Good Guess:
But no. Macaulay Culkin doesn't have the same star power as Percy. 

Dear Ted:
Are Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy DuBois Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron?

Dear High School Musical:
No, but Vanessa and Sally do share some similar talents. 

Dear Ted:
Is Sally Pearlsmyth Sophia Bush?

Dear Sally Sophia?
No, Sally is way more high-profile—at least for now. 

Dear Ted:
Seeing as Taylor Swift likes to make her way through many high-profile boys, do you think she would ever hook up with Zac Efron?

Dear Swift Agenda:
Yes, no man is too high-profile for Taylor. 

Dear Ted:
I know lots of people suggest Kristen Stewart for practically every edgy female role (still mourning the fact that Katniss was never a realistic option), but has anyone mentioned Kristen as Elizabeth Taylor? I thought the resemblance was striking when she wore the dark wig in the Vogue BTS video.

Dear K.Stew Not Taylor-Made:
As much as we love Kristen, we are going to have to say no. Elizabeth loved the spotlight, whereas Kris detests all the attention. Kristen would have to break out of her shy shell for this role, and we think her talents would be better used elsewhere. Snow White, anyone?

Dear Ted:

Is Reese Witherspoon as sweet as she wants us to believe? I get mixed emotions about her from you sometimes, and if she and Jennifer Garner are as close as I have read about, I can't imagine she would be. After all, I remember what a jerk Jennifer was to Taryn, and if my BFF were that deplorable, I doubt they would be a BFF for long.

Dear Charmers:
No celebrity is as sweet as we want to believe, Reese included. And while Reese does well spreading her Southern charm, gal doesn't do so without an agenda. Same goes for Jen. This friendship is anything but a coincidence. 

Dear Ted:
I think I've got it! Is Cookie Muncher Rebecca Romijn?

Dear Guess Again:
Good guess, but no. You're headed in the right direction, though. 

Dear Ted:
Enough is enough. I hereby boycott all things royal wedding related.

Dear Royally Over It:
But this is the best part! Lucky for you, there are fewer than 20 days before the royal nuptials take place. Then it's time to dish on the royal honeymoon. 

Dear Ted:
So, as of now, how many Glee stars have B.V.s (not including the previously revealed Lea Michele one)?

Dear Gleefully Vicey:
We won't reveal an exact number, but we will tell you most of the Glee cast is deliciously Vicey. 

Dear Ted:
I have always adored Ashley Judd, but she seems to have pretty much disappeared from the Hollywood limelight lately, save for a few obscure movies now and then. She's such a fantastic actress, so beautiful and always appeared perfectly classy. I can't help but wonder, does she have a Blind Vice lurking in her past?

Dear Back in the Limelight:
True, she has been out spotlight, but Judd just released her memoir, where she revealed shocking stories about abuse as a child. The book has definitely put her back in the tabloids, but it's still too soon to say if it will help her land any roles. And no, Ashley has never been a Vice. 

Dear Ted:
I've been saying that insecurity and not having trust in your partner is detrimental to your health. It's sad, because the truth is LeAnn Rimes can be as skinny as she can and it has nothing to do with her. I personally don't understand why a woman would want a man that would cheat on his wife with her? She really needs to focus on herself and who she is and not worry so much about her appearance.

Dear Over LeAnn:
LeAnn's train of thought is a mystery to us as well, but no doubt the girl is über self-obsessed. True, the weight loss may be due to insecurity around Eddie Cibrian, but LeAnn is the kind of girl who lives for attention. You don't tweet every meal along with bikini pictures unless you are absolutely loving everyone's concern. 

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