Tomorrow, Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) makes her triumphant (and very shocking) return to Princeton-Plainsboro. By now, you are all aware that she's been in jail, and it takes a road trip with House for her to come clean on the mystery behind her prison stint.

A clue to Thirteen's guilty act is in the first clip, but we also have interviews with Hugh Laurie, being his charming British self, and Olivia, who's both beautiful and funny. That's not quite fair, is it? Plus, Robert Sean Leonard can't stop gushing, and another sneak peek that puts House and Thirteen in a dressing room...

The fate of House is still up in the air, though David Shore says: "the negotiations are ongoing. Fox wants to have a season eight, and NBCUniversal wants them to have a season eight. So I fully expect there to be a season eight—I would be absolutely astounded if there wasn't—and we're proceeding on that basis."

Until we recieve word on that renewal, let's enjoy the clips and interviews below, and be sure to tune in for what will surely be an unforgettable episode of House. Why do you think Thirteen was in jail? Feel free to speculate down below, because that's what the comment section is for.

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