Blind Vice diva

We're gonna do something completely different today. We've got a whole group of naughties we're gonna blab about, instead of our usual one or two scandalous contenders. Besides, last week's Vice was so depressing, I think we all need something a little a little sillier to gasp about.

Like this extremely popular TV show's bitchy little cast, not to mention the dumbest season finale we've ever heard:

Mulholland Estates is wildly popular, we really don't see why. Granted, the highly rated oddball series has a couple of super-talented celebs, but every time we tune in to watch them, we're usually so horrified by the plotlines they're forced to play out, it's impossible to make it through a full episode.

Could this be why several big names on the show are beyond bitchy over the upcoming shooting schedule for the show's finale, which is being filmed later this month?

"Everyone wants a different day off," says a reliable source on the show, "and they're all being told no, and they're very unhappy about it."

Apparently, this finale is such a grand denouement and so intricately planned, all hands on deck are required during the whole operation—with none of the cushy wrap-around shooting windows that have been permitted for the cast's varying outside projects in the past.

"They're raising hell about it," snapped the Mulholland vet.

Jeez, all we have to say is that the spoiled cast's bitching about totally the wrong thing.

You see, the grand final show that's being planned will be...are you ready?

A floating dinner party.

Whereas each cast member hosts a course for said dinner in his or her home.

This is what's supposed to leave Mullholland Estates' massive audience in cliff-hanger type suspense until the show comes back next season?

Well, maybe if one of the hosts had an orgy to go with her lemon meringue pie, then, maybe, we'd watch.

But trust, that ain't happenin', and, for that, we say this bland drivel is what the performers should be in a near-riot about, not some silly day off here and there.

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