The CBS Eye got quite an eyeful last night.

Eva Longoria turned up on the Late Show with David Letterman Wednesday, ostensibly to talk up her new cookbook, Eva's Kitchen, but, well, the legs and thighs (and various other parts) found in the recipes aren't the ones people are talking about this morning.

"I wore a tuxedo for you," Longoria told Letterman, referring to her hot pants and shirtless, low-cut jacket (from Bocanegra, with Ferragamo shoes, for all you inquiring fashionistas).

"Oh my God, I guess you did. Or part of one," he countered. And not even a very secure part, as it turns out. It didn't take long for a button to pop off and Eva to, very nearly, pop out.

That's one way to jump start sales. Or, at the very least, turn the host in a bumbling tizzy. Eyes up here, Dave.

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