Khloe Kardashian Odom

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"This network is going to be mine pretty soon. I'm changing E! to K!"

—Reality starlet Khloe Kardashian Odom, when I asked her about the much-needed startup of her very own Khloé Kardashian Production company

She's so into it, and with the premiere of her new show, Khloé & Lamar,  this Sunday we have a feeling she might have just been bitten by the producing bug.

Watch your backs (and bank accounts), Ryan Seacrest and big sis Kim Kardashian!

"I need to, I swear," the married bombshell persisted when joking about taking over the company.

Tell you what, we wouldn't hate it. She's buh-rilliant and just bossy enough, no?

However, reserved-but-driven Kim has already beat Khlo to the punch in the action-calling department. She took on the role of executive producer last year for E!'s Spin Crowd, which chronicles the PR glam and drama behind Simon Huck and Jonathan Cheban's business dealings at Command PR.

Kim's always been all work, no play. Thank heaven she's finally putting some pleasure into her life.

Anyway, regardless of whoever jumped the producing gun first, we're sure there's no serious competition between the two siblings. Khlo did say she would rename the company "K!" That leaves room for that entire Kardash brood.

Still, Mrs. Odom does say her real love, aside from that precious husband of hers, is taking part in the shows.

"When it's done and you get these home videos and documentation of your life, that's the coolest part to me," she dished about being a reality star and not a producer.

Well, the good news is this feisty K can only go up from starring in Khloé & Lamar to running this entire company. A Kardashian can (and will) dream, right?

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