Gwen Stefani, Elle Cover


Are looks everything to Gwen Stefani? Well, maybe not everything, but they're def something.

The No Doubt frontwoman and latest Elle cover girl admits, "I mean, I'm very vain. That would be my middle name. Of course I am, you know what I mean? I love the visual."

Hey, at least the singer—who rarely leaves her house fully made up in face paint and a chic ensemble—is being honest.

But how does the L.A.M.B designer feel about style comparisons to pop stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry?

"I don't see myself in those girls. I usually put pants on. I see these girls as more going for the sex-symbol thing," the 41-year-old mom of two explains. "I was more, in the band, like a tomboy."

Besides appearances, Gwen also takes pride in her eight-year marriage to Gavin Rossdale.

"The first time we ever kissed was right around Valentine's Day—we were in New Orleans on tour," she reminisces. "So, yeah, I always think about that because it's unbelievable that we've been able to stay together. I feel so proud of us—it's one of my biggest achievements."

Awww, it's nice to hear about happily ever after in Hollywood.

All that's missing from this interview are deets about her boys, Kingston and Zuma. Can't get enough of those cool kids!

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