Amanda Bynes

Jason Kempin/Getty Images; Twitter

This is one story that does not have a happy ending. We are so sorry to report that Amanda Bynes' missing 4-month-old teacup Pomeranian is dead.

The actress took to Twitter Tuesday begging for help in finding the little doggie, who had somehow escaped her Hollywood home and disappeared. "Everyone: I have the worst news to tell you...little angel got out of my house somehow and is LOST," she tweeted.

So what happened?

"If anyone finds her I BEG you to please contact me thru Twitter," she pleaded, even offering a reward to anyone who could locate the dog. "She means the WORLD to me & I can't find her anywhere." She followed up with a tweet describing the pup, saying she was lost on April 4.

"Please help me find her :*(" wrote Bynes, who often posted pictures of the little blond furball on her Twitter feed.

Despite having 53,000 followers on the site, no one was able to help find Angel in time. Although Bynes' rep hasn't returned our calls seeking comment on exactly what happened, the Easy A actress made one last post late last night:

"Sad day...Little Angel is in heaven now. RIP I love you."

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