A DJ may have saved her life, but America did not save Wendy Williams and partner Tony Dovolani from elimination, and they were the second pair to exit Dancing with the Stars this season. Even after she worked until her feet were ragged!

Despite being sent home, Wendy insists to us that she's not disappointed. Plus, we also got Chelsea Kane to (somewhat) open up about the boy in her life, and wait…who got a tattoo last night?

Wendy was in good spirits tonight after the show, mostly because she saw surviving a grueling six weeks an accomplishment in itself. "It's good to conquer your fears. When I took on this task, I knew that I was the quintessential star who really, truly has never danced. So to survive these three weeks and then get eliminated tonight, I'm not disappointed," she tells us. "I wish the judges could have scored us better. But on the other hand, I have another life to get back to. A full family and a talk show that I've just neglect for the past six weeks doing this."

She also reveals that she's been talking to her DWTS costars about stopping by The Wendy Williams Show. "Everyone will come on by," she promises with a smile.

Meanwhile, while most of the dancers might have gone home last night to rest up for the results show, Kirstie Alley was off getting inked! The word "unbroken" was displayed on her wrist while she walked the press line with Maks. "I got the tattoo because I've always wanted one tattoo somewhere, and I wanted something to depict this show because it's sort of cathartic for me in a way," Kirstie told us. "So I was going to a club last night and conveniently next door to the club was a tattoo parlor." Would she get more as the season goes on? "A tramp stamp for the finale," Maks joked.

Chelsea and Mark Ballas were all smiles after surviving another elimination night, but the Disney sweetheart might have been giggling and blushing for a different reason. "There was a cute boy in the audience," she remarks coyly. And how is her boyfriend dealing with the DWTS spectacle? "He's handling it like a sport. I'm sure it's got to be awkward, [as it would be] for anyone. Mark and I have a relationship that's been put on overdrive from being together all the time."

As for saying goodbye to Wendy, Mark says that he will miss her personality the most. "She's hilarious," he tells us. "She's always making us all laugh."

Did you agree with the rest of America for sending Wendy home? Or did another couple deserve to be sent packing? And you think anyone will ever let Kirstie forget that she fell for the rest of the season?

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