Kendra Wilkinson Baskett

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Everyone needs to calm down about Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett's past as a stripper.

It's much ado about nothing.

Kendra's smoke-filled performance last night on Dancing With the Stars was inspired by her relationship with football hubby Hank Baskett. Turns out there were a lot of haters out there when they first got together—many of Hank's fans didn't like him dating a former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner who also had done a bit of professional stripping.

So is Kendra regretting her adult-oriented past?

Read on to find out what she just told me...

"I stripped when I was 18!" the E! reality star said. "I'm on my way to 26 now. It was so long ago during a time in my life when it was right for me. I just wanted to try something new and I did. It actually helped me break out of my shell a bit and become a woman."

No, she doesn't think stripping is for everyone, but...

"Every woman has that stripper inside of themselves," she said. "It just takes confidence to be able to show it. I'm not saying really going out and stripping in front of people. I'm saying that everyone has that confidence inside."

And as we all know, there are pole-dancing classes offered in many corners of this country. "People are taking pole-dancing lessons," Kendra said. "It's for women to break out of their shell, explore who they are, explore their sensuality. I think people need to find their inner stripper."

Think what you want to think about Kendra, but ya gotta give her credit for being who she is and making no apologies about it.

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