Robin Gibb

Dominique Charriau/

Talk about scary!

Seven years after his twin brother, Maurice, died from a twisted intestine, Bee Gees frontman Robin Gibb was rushed to a U.K. hospital Sunday after falling ill with abdominal pains.

The health crisis forced him to cancel an upcoming tour of Brazil.

Per the BBC, the 61-year-old Gibb was supposed to play a series of gigs in such cities as Säo Paolo, Curitiba and Brasilia but after being stricken Sunday morning and taken by ambulance to a nearby medical center, his doctors advised him not to travel.

"We are not sure what's wrong with him at this stage and are worried," a rep for the Grammy-winning "Stayin' Alive" singer told the BBC.

Gibb has battled digestive problems before. Last year, during a tour stop in Belgium, he underwent emergency surgery for a blocked intestine, had part of his intestine removed, and was given a clean bill of health. With the onset of this new malady, physicians are now trying to determine if there's a connection with the prior operation.

"We don't know if it is a recurrence of the previous problem or if it is something else entirely," his publicist added.

Get well soon, mate.

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