Charlie Sheen is giving himself a do-over.

At some point before bombing in Detroit and being reborn in Chicago, the Sheenster put together a new version of his now infamous ABC News interview in which he admitted, among other awe-inspiring revelations, to being on a drug called "Charlie Sheen."

But instead of offering up new answers to interviewer Andrea Canning's questions so that their conversation takes on a whole new, funnier meaning, Sheen somehow manages to increase the discomfort factor by substituting nothing but catch-phrase-laden gibberish—and, at times, actual gibberish—where the specter of a back-and-forth used to be. And this time, he's unbuttoning his shirt...

That's just to show off all the T-shirts out there now sporting his Sheenisms, however. Alas, there's no nudity in the 7-minute, 19-second video.

"When's the last time your radio rants led to this?" he asked, gesturing to his shirt, which read, "Oh wait, can't process LOSERS." Then he went, "Ding!" and he was wearing a red T-shirt with a drawing of a tiger on it.

"Pretty cool beans," he answered for Canning.

During a sequence when she asks him, "When was the last time you used?," every time the camera flashes back to him he's puffing on exponentially more cigarettes, until finally he's just one big cigarette.

So, this version of the interview has special effects. Sheen also gets to smoke in this one and drop F-bombs as he pokes fun at—but probably really enjoys—his new(ish) persona as one crazy motherf--ker.

He lost us for a few minutes after the pretty hilarious sight gag of being attacked by a dog in the video's first 10 seconds, but he caught our attention again with some Hasselhoff-baiting at around the 3:30 mark as he messily eats a taco while wearing an Elmo bib.

After that, crank it on up to 5:40 for some REO Speedwagon and synchronized swimming, and enjoy the (both literal and figurative) fadeout.

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