Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise

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We know what you're thinking. Quite frankly, we're thinking it, too: What could you possibly get the girl who has everything?

Especially when said girl is Suri Cruise and still counts her age on one hand. Not to mention, boasts two superstar parents, what we're assuming is an unlimited allowance and already possesses, as she's proven time and again, a wardrobe to die for.

No, the answer isn't anatomically correct gummies (been there, embarrassed by that). But mama Katie Holmes chatted with E! News host Ryan Seacrest just this morning and spilled about what festivities she has in store for her birthday girl.

"She's turning 5 in about two weeks," Holmes—who told Seacrest she doesn't mind if people call her Kate, Katie or Sue—said.

On April 18, to be exact. So mark your calendars—the royal wedding isn't the only countdown to be had this month.

So, what does Suri want? Hair bows laced with 18-carat gold, diamond buttons on her favorite Dora the Explorer sweater, a life-size, Frank Gehry-designed treehouse? Nah. Turns out, she wants what most 5 -year-olds want.

"She wants a piñata, and her girlfriends to come over, and some swimming, and we're gonna make a cake together," Sue Katie explained.

"This is my favorite day of the year. So we're gonna have a little tea party, and I like to girl it up."

Sounds good to us. And, incidentally, to Ryan, who joked that he's working off the same reading list as little Suri. So what are their favorite bedtime stories?

"Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious right now," Katie said. "She loves it. They're great books. They're fun."

Well, Oprah is going to leave a gap in the market pretty soon. Do we smell Suri's Book Club in the works?

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