Celebrity Apprentice, Meat Loaf

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Don't mess with Meat Loaf (or his art supplies). And don't come between Marlee Matlin and her goal of winning Celebrity Apprentice.

In an episode filled with lots of good vibes, it was the bad ones between the Loaf and Gary Busey that provided the main drama.

After Donald Trump assigned the teams the challenge of selling homemade art and custom-designed baseball caps, Meat Loaf threw all sanity caution to the wind and totally lost it on Busey when he couldn't find his supplies.

"Motherf--k! I bought those motherf--king sponges!" the "Bat Out of Hell" singer screamed at Busey, thinking the actor took them. "You look in my eyes. I am the last person in the f--king world you ever want to f--k with! You pushed me to the f--king limit!"

No doubt to the delight of the NBC censor, Mark McGrath restrained Meat Loaf from getting physical with Busey while the other team members looked on in shock. But, as it turned out, Meat Loaf's art supplies were sitting right in a corner the entire time. Busey had never laid a finger on them.

Team leader John Rich managed to restore peace and the men of Team Backbone seemed to get things rolling (despite the loss of Jose Canseco, who bowed out early in the episode after learning that his cancer-stricken father had taken a turn for the worst), while Marlee Matlin took the reins for Team A.S.A.P., determined to end the women's losing streak.

But things didn't start smoothly for Team A.S.A.P., which barely was able to set up its gallery in time after the delivery truck full of art got waylaid in rush hour traffic.

Across the street, Backbone seemed to have the challenge in hand, with Rich's Nashville pals ponying up $50,000 for his tricked-out boots and nearly $500,000 for his rhinestone-studded guitar. The team tallied nearly $700,000.

However, A.S.A.P. pulled it together, thanks in part to La Toya Jackson's offering of one of brother Michael's T-shirts, which raked in $99,000, and Matlin banking on her contacts in the philanthropic world to kick in an Apprentice-record $986,000.

Richard Hatch, Celeb Apprentice

Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Together the teams raised $1.64 million for their respective causes, and Trump, himself feeling charitable, gave Matlin the choice to let the losing men's team stay intact (since Canseco was already out) or to get cold-blooded and still have The Donald give someone the boot.

Suddenly, Matlin wasn't feeling that philanthopic. She went for the jugular, and Trump brought the hammer down on former Survivor star Richard Hatch, whose artwork brought in the least amount.

"He raised no money. Gotta do it," Trump said. "Richard, you're fired."

That's doubly bad news for Hatch, who is now cooling his heels back in a federal prison, serving additional time for dodging taxes. Sometimes, it seems reality does bite.

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