Prince William, Kate Middleton

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William & Kate's Royal Wedding

Prince William is eyeing a more nontraditional style these days—a ringless husband.

According to a palace spokeswoman, it turns out only Kate Middleton's wedding finger will be graced with a royal band made of Welsh gold, as per the couple's wishes. Do we smell double-standard or some refreshing royal loyalty?

But while Wills is ditching one rather meaningful accessory, the palace might be cutting in on one of Kate's most prized features:

That beautiful, luscious hair of hers!

A source, über-tight with the royal scene, tells us that Kate has been warned to tame her flowing locks pronto or she is going to end up looking like Her Royal Hairmess.

It appears certain royal handlers have not exactly been fans of Middleton's tresses since they were wildly tossed around during her first public, royal engagement with Prince William at the boat naming.

"Long hair and royal women don't mix unless they keep it pinned up in a tight bun like the Princess Royal," a reliable royal insider pointed out.

The hair haters might just have to deal for now because friends say that Kate wants to create a major spectacle at the nuptials at Westminster Abbey on April 29. Her hair game plan?

Some of those controversial locks—which are cared for by top stylist James Price at the posh hair salon Richard Ward in London's Chelsea—will be swept up and the rest tumbling fiercely over her shoulders, according to our royal insider.

Good choice, hon! If you got it, flaunt it. At least until the royal scissors come snipping your way.

Plus, we feel Kate should get to keep her 'do since William gets a bare ring finger. All's fair in love sans hair wars, right?

Wonder what length William prefers? We're sure he loves Kate unconditionally. I mean, he doesn't even need a wedding band to prove it! What do you think?

—Additional reporting by Ivana Dukanovic

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