William & Kate's Royal Wedding

With the royal wedding just weeks away, Prince Harry has yet to come up with the speech he's going to give, but he's already proving to be a great best man.

That's because Prince William's younger brother isn't revealing any details—zero, zip, nada, nothing—about the bachelor (aka stag) party he threw for the groom last weekend.

"I'm not going to talk about that," Harry told Bob Woodruff of Good Morning America during a break from a charity expedition. "No details at all."

But despite his unwillingness to divulge any info on what was reportedly a quiet affair just outside of London, he was nevertheless more than happy to share his thoughts on future sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

"She's a fantastic girl, she really is, my brother is very lucky," he says. "And she's very lucky to find my brother. The two of them are a perfect match."

Oh, and as for that yet-to-be-written speech, Harry promises it won't disappoint.

"I am doing it along with a couple of his friends, so we will take the mickey out of him. I will have a few stories," he insists with a sly smile. "I think my grandmother will be there, so I have to be selective, as one might say."

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