Ricky Gervais, Charlie Sheen

RobyN BECK/AFP/Getty Images; Jeff Vespa/WireImages

Admit it. Even if you hated all the celeb-skewering that Ricky Gervais did while hosting the Golden Globes, you would totally be in favor of him coming back next year...if he brought one of his favorite targets, Charlie Sheen, along for the ride!

"OK, I will host The Golden Globes again, AND the Emmys, AND The Oscars if I can do it with Charlie Sheen. I mean it," Gervais joked (we think) on his blog Tuesday.

What's more, the comic already has a game plan all laid out as to how the duo would cohost these events...

"I'd write some gags like always, intro the presenters, then after each acceptance speech I'd just chat to Charlie, who would just be sitting in an arm chair smoking, about what he thought of the result," revealed Gervais. "He'd just say what's on his incredible mind. It would be f--king amazing."

Of course, these days, it shouldn't be too hard for someone to track Sheen down to propose the idea.

"If you bump into him in the street or when he's dragged around the interview circuit being exploited in the name of 'news' tell him he's got a new job," wrote Gervais.

He should know, however, that Sheen has already expressed a lack of interest when it comes to hosting the Academy Awards, telling E! News on Monday that he'd "rather just hang with [James] Franco."

As for actually changing them from the Oscars to the Charlies, well, that's a different story.

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