Ricky Gervais

Dave Bjerke/NBC

Maybe we need to start skewering celebrities a little more, too.

OK, yes, Ricky Gervais has certainly done a lot more than just pick on famous folks at the Golden Globes, but the news of what he's supposedly worth is still pretty impressive.

So just how much moolah are we talking about, and what does the comedian himself have to say about it?

According to the website Celebrity Net Worth, Gervais is worth an estimated $80 milllion!

"Wow! I think there must be a leak at my accountants," Gervais joked on his personal blog about the report. "They are of course spot on. I know it sounds a lot, but remember, I donate a lot of this to good causes. (The Inland Revenue [aka the U.K.'s version of the IRS] mainly.)"

But, apparently, the taxman isn't the only who will benefit from his riches.

"Now this is out, I will have to get my family a million scratch cards each for Christmas," he admitted, adding that the rest of his hard-earned money will be used "to take over Libya."

No doubt with a few jabs at Gadhafi along the way.

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