George Michael

AP Photo/Chris Park

Joe Lockhart at the George Michael concert on a Tuesday night in D.C. The former Clinton spokesman rocked out with his you-know-what out, so to speak, dancing away to the pop tunes. Joey pulled off some tight jeans and a sleeveless black T-shirt, enjoying Georgie Boy’s music with a group of similarly dressed male pals. First Dr. Phil, now J.L.? Who knew George Michael had so many unlikely fans? Rockin' in homo land west...


Chloe Lattanzi chilling near the bar, WeHo’s Upright Cabaret. The third-place runner-up of Rock the Cradle, the reality competish that puts offspring of famous musicians up against each other, was happy to take photos with fans...or at least everyone who recognized Olivia Newton John’s daughter (with stud-dripping Matt Lattanzi). And how could ya not? C.L.’s got the biggest eyes and lips this side of Angelina. That's an accomplishment.

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