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Tonight is a big, sad night for us fans of Life Unexpected.

Season two of the CW's heartfelt family drama is coming to an end, and that means that we're saying goodbye to Cate, Baze and Lux, and that this is the last time our friend Kris Polaha will share his thoughts on the show with us in a Life Unexpected guest blog, despite the fact that (as he puts it), that "the official stance of the network is that Life Unexpected is not canceled." (Sadly, despite this official stance, no one holds out any real hope that LUX will be back.)

Take it away, Kris:


Hello gentle readers and fellow travelers of the blogosphere, Kristoffer Polaha here with the last blog of season two. What does it mean for us, where are we left, what will happen next?  All these answers and more will be answered in good due time. Now I had an uberblog prepared with comments from everybody from Shiri, Britt and Liz to Shaun, Robin and Gary Fleder, but as the official stance of the network is that Life Unexpected is not canceled I'm not allowed to share the farewell blog with you, because it may not be farewell, but I am allowed to leave you with a little parting gift.

Music is very important to me as an actor. I hear music in the lines, I hear a rhythm in each scene. I play music in my trailer that influences my character. In fact, Coldplay was famously on repeat on my trailer stereo for the entire season one. Shiri made fun of me all the time because that's literally all I listened to, but for some reason that music informed me as an actor on how to tap into Baze as a character. Needless to say, music is an important part of my life as an actor and in the Open Bar there was a piano on set. I would play it between takes and during set ups, I'm sure to the regret of the producers who would have preferred silence while the crew worked, but in all of this playing around I found a song, a song that I would eventually give credit to Baze for writing for Lux. It's a love song, but more than that it's an anthem of hope. It's not very long and if I were to ever take recording it seriously I'd want to add more verses to make it longer. But while on set, Shane Connelly, the show's sound mixer, heard the song and said I should record it and produce it. He encouraged me to meet with a friend of his, a composer and producer named Warren Brown, who worked up in Vancouver. I hardly had any free time on my hands, but one weekend opened up and Reggie Austin and I went to Warren's apartment and, as they say, laid down a track.

Here's the result. I wrote the song and lyrics, I also played the piano, Reggie Austin sang and arranged the soaring background vocals, while Mr. Brown produced the song and in doing so added all the other instruments you will hear by way of a computer program which he used as if he were playing an instrument. It was pretty impressive. I played the piano a few times, sang the song four times, Reggie sang along a few times, then Warren did his magic. The result is this sweet little song I've titled "Carry On." Now, my mom really loves this song, but I just hope you all like it. It's pretty personal to me but this feels like the right time and the right place to share it. Seeing as we don't know exactly what the future holds for Lux, Cate, Baze, Ryan, Math, Jamie, Tasha or the rest of the gang we all just need to carry on.

Press the play button below to hear our very own little world premiere right here on E!:


Will you guys miss Life Unexpected? What do you want to see the castmembers and show runner Liz Tigelaar do next? Hit the comments!

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