Miley Cyrus, David Arquette, Kim Kardashian

Jeff Vespa/; Skullcandy;Johnny Nunez/

From Miley Cyrus's Salvia video to Charlie Sheen's hotel meltdown, 2010 was an epic year in party history. Whether Paris Hilton thought a certain illegal substance was gum or squeaky-clean Zac Efron was hitting strip clubs, there were plenty of highs and lows on the soiree scene.

But not everyone was getting into trouble. Some of the people who made our list, like Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively, just score points for managing to make it to every bash and for looking fab doing it.

So without further ado, click through our picks for the Top 10 Partyers of 2010 and let us know who you think will rule the social circuit next year!

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