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Who knows about Lindsay Lohan, but Dina Lohan's Betty Ford Center experience has been just great!

"They have been nothing but supportive to my daughter and my family," Lindsay's mom exclusively told E! News Thurdsay, calling the caregiver "amazing."

This would be the same revered institution that's now under investigation for allegedly violating patient confidentiality statutes, thanks to the former staffer who sold a story about Lindsay getting rough with her to TMZ.

Betty Ford promptly fired Dawn Holland after getting wind of the breach of protocol, but the California Department of Public Health is investigating both her and the facility.

Well, we know which side Lindsay's mom is on.

"I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them," continued Dina, who was Christmas shopping in New York in preparation for flying out to California to get her kids together for the holidays.

"They have been wonderful to all the families not just mine. We have group [sessions] together with the other families and we have all laughed, cried and grown so much together."

As for her ex-husband Michael Lohan's comment that she "enabled" Lindsay's alleged bad behavior by instructing her not to take a Breathalyzer test, Dina said he wasn't on the phone when Lindsay called her, so how could he know?

"She was upset and we were the ones that initiated the call to the police," Dina said.

Holland acknowledged that Lindsay went off to call 911 after their run-in, which has been explained in two very different ways.

The ex-employee says that Lindsay and two other girls had snuck out of the facility on the night of Dec. 12 and were sneaking back in when she confronted them with Breathalyzer requests. Lindsay acted belligerent, pushed her, then went off to call the cops, Holland claims. Then, Holland told TMZ, when she picked up another extension, Lindsay injured her hand when she tried to wrest the phone away from her.

Michael Lohan told us, meanwhile, that Holland grabbed Lindsay's arm when she demanded she take a sobriety test, and Lindsay just "brushed her off" before dialing 911.

Lindsay's attorney is now in charge of the matter, Dina told us, adding that if she commented on everything her ex said, she'd be exhausted.

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