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What are those krazy Kardashians up to now?

Well, the youngest stars of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, just hit the big-time, landing a spread in Teen Vogue's February issue!

Besides doing magazine interviews, they've been superbusy booking modeling gigs and hitting the red carpet, but are Kylie and Kendall ready for their own show?

Not quite.

"It's something to think about," Kylie, 15, tells the mag. The girls have other priorities right now, however, like shopping and getting ready for college.

They are in love with fashion, natch: "Whenever our sisters are done with clothes, they give me and Kylie stuff," Kendall says. "Khloé has my shoe size, so I've gotten some amazing Louboutins from her. And Kim gave me a black snakeskin Balenciaga for my birthday."

Yep, just your average couture hand-me-downs, right?

Besides shopping, Kendall is addicted to Facebook. The teen confesses, "I go on and stalk people. I tried to quit it for six months, but then I just started signing on from friends' accounts."

But the girls have gotten plenty of advice from their big sisters about the dangers of the Internet, like "Don't Google yourself" and "Your friends and family know you better than the Internet does!"

In the future, Kendall wants to continue her modeling career and Kylie wants to get into acting, "but college comes first."

Way to keep your heads on straight (while you can), girls!

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