There's only about a week left until Christmas, and if you have yet to shake your case of the Scrooges, this here should do the trick.

Plus, it's got the added bonus of clueing us into the happenings for this year's Oscars, which, while widely anticipated thanks to wild-card cohosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco, still has something of a giant question mark hovering over it.

Well, that quizzical punctuation shrunk some yesterday.

Hathaway surprised a group of chorus kids at New York's P.S. 22 after their annual Christmas concert last night, informing them (somewhere in between all the hysterical screaming) that they would be flown to Los Angeles the Friday before the Oscars in order to walk the red carpet and ultimately perform alongside her on the Academy Awards Feb. 27.

In related news, who knew Anne has the same effect on school kids as Oprah Winfrey does on grown women?

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