David Arquette

Courtesy of Albert Michael/startraksphoto.com

Another day, another explanation from David Arquette after talking to Howard Stern.

A day after the actor's third on-air conversation with the shock jock since separating from Courteney Cox, Arquette took to Twitter to clarify a few things, starting with his joke about having a "nervous breakdown."

"It is being reported that I'm having a Nervous Breakdown. I assure you am not. This stemmed from a joke I made on The Howard Stern Show and like many things in the Media it was mis-reported and sensationalized," Arquette tweeted today.

It's hard to believe anyone thought the Scream star was having a clinical breakdown rather than just jabbering on more about his self-described sorry state since splitting from his wife of 11 years, but...OK, fair enough.

"I always speak my mind and I really don't care what people that don't know me may say - I'm a good person with a huge heart," Arquette, who also admitted to partying pretty hard lately, continued.

"I thank those that have been on my side during this rough time. What I do wish is that we all become more focused on the more important [things] in this world like ending the War in Afghanistan and getting our brave men and women back to their families and out of harms way. It's time for us to focus on Love and positivity in our world so that we can cultivate a culture of caring and creativity."

Well, at least Howard signed on for five more years. That's a start.

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