The underdogs seemed to have an excellent opportunity at last night's Tribal Council to advance themselves further in what little time they have left on Survivor: Nicaragua.

So what went wrong?

It's simple, says the latest castoff, Jane Bright: "Men are weird."

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Jane Bright, Survivor: Nicaragua

Monty Brinton/CBS

What happened at Tribal Council—why didn't you, Dan and Fabio take up Jeff Probst on his "suggestion" to vote out Holly?

It didn't matter what Jeff was gonna say, [the vote] was written in stone pretty much before we left. Both [Dan and Fabio] had been told by Sash and Chase they were going to the final three, so they were not going to switch their votes.

So why did you waste your own vote on Sash, who had immunity?
To let them know what kind of rat he actually was. I was making a statement: "You better look out for this guy. He can't really be trusted." I knew [Dan and Fabio] were not writing Holly's name down. They're men—they weren't going to change their vote.

You don't think the tribe realizes how devious Sash is?
Not until you see it on camera, because he's just nice as you can be out there. I call him Sashay behind his back. To your face he's just a perfect little angel; behind your back he's a rattlesnake and a vampire.

Did you try to build any other alliances?
There were several times I tried to build alliances with Fabio and Benry—but I'm telling you, men are weird. They don't want to make alliances with women, they want to stick with men.

What about Holly?
It's just a matter of time. Dan wanted an all-male alliance. He'd talked about it for weeks, voting me and Holly out, for an all-male final three. That's what Marty wanted, Marty's influence went to Dan, Dan's influence went to Fabio. That's the pecking order.

Do you regret the comments you made about Marty's family, calling him "a disgraceful father"?
No. I don't regret anything I said. Marty went off on women as a whole, so I went off on him as a man.

What's your opinion of the two quitters, NaOnka and Kelly?
I love NaOnka [!!!], and it didn't bother me she stole that food. It was a camp prank. Purple Kelly, she's a beautiful young girl—both of them are beautiful—she lasted so long in the game riding on Brenda's coattails, but it was like when Brenda got voted out her spirit got broken. I personally think if somebody quits they can sit on the jury but they shouldn't have a vote.

When you doused the fire at camp, was that another "statement" or was it really going to be difficult for the tribe to start a new fire?
Oh yeah, because according to my weather prediction that morning—I was real good about forecasting it while I was out there 'cause I farm—I knew probably by evening it was gonna be pouring down rain.

How do you feel about Dan making it so far in the game?
Dan's a very likable person, and if he makes it to the final three he's got a good shot for a million dollars. He was useless in the whole game, but he made it farther than me.

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