Michael Vick

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If you haven't been checking the Bitch-Backs lately for fear of Robsten fans, you've missed a topic in the past few blabfests that's sparked quite the debate between readers.

Michael Vick.

While a handful of readers have come to the defense of the football player slash dog fighter, Team Truth is not Team Vick, 'cause the awful horrendous truth is that we think, sure, Vick may have served his sentenced, but just how sorry is he?

Not very, it would seem.

A source close to Vick's people says that the infamous sports star is frequently in Atlanta making his rounds lecturing kids about the evils of dog fighting and how it ruined his career and personal life.

Respectable, right? Sure, except that's not how Vick really feels—so says this source.

"After these events, Vick can be counted on to pick up the phone and call his buddies, complaining that he doesn't understand why he has to counsel these kids, what he did wrong and when will he be able to stop lecturing people on the horrors of dog fighting," our Vick blabber tells us.

Not too surprised, actually. We had a pretty good hunch all this do-good PR stuff was just that—and taken on simply to save his own ass. Well, was it?

Reps for Vick say this is "not even close to being true."

But let's get real here: Someone watches—damn, encourages—animals to devour each for years, and then just when you get caught and just happen to see your career on the brink, you have a sudden change of heart? Yeah, and Ronnie Spector has great hair.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: Vick is not a good man. And just because he was raised in an environment of dog fighting doesn't mean he couldn't have made different decisions—or still couldn't have changed his ways, which he doesn't seem to keen on doing.

"He has not changed one bit and he learned nothing in jail," our source finishes.

Someone alert the Humane Society and every animal-rights agency in the world so this man never comes near a helpless creature again.

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