Sylvie Cachay

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The family of Sylvie Cachay today released a statement in the wake of the up-and-coming fashion designer's mysterious death and subsequent arrest of ex-boyfriend Nicholas Brooks for attempted murder.

"I have spoken to my parents and they are devastated by the loss of their daughter," Sylvie's brother Patrick Orlando-Cachay tells E! News, adding that his parents are too grief-stricken to release a statement of their own.

What else does Patrick have to say about his sister and the ongoing case?

"[My parents] are in the middle of making arrangements for Sylvie's funeral, which has been extremely hard for them. Nobody should have to make arrangements to bury their child," Patrick says. "They are just devastated."

Patrick says that his parents plan on speaking to the press at some point in the future, but right now they are "still too upset" by their loss.

"It's a day-by-day grieving and healing process, and at this time they are simply not ready to make any statements to the press."

The family is arranging the final details for Sylvie's funeral, and today a private viewing was held.

Kate Godici, Sylvie's former publicist, is also speaking out about her friend. 

"Sylvie had a magnetic personality and surrounded herself with a lot of really great people," Godici tells E! News. "Nicholas found that really attractive and he wanted to ride her coattails. The most important thing here is that as this plays out in court, everyone will see who they both were and the details will be made clear very soon."

Cachay's body was discovered in an overflowing bathtub by employees at New York's upscale Soho House early last Thursday.

Brooks, 24, son of Oscar-winning 72-year-old composer Joseph Brooks, remains in jail, where he is being held without bail.

He is due in court Thursday, where he will most likely be indicted on the count of attempted murder.

The NYPD says the initial cause of death appears to be homicide. Pending results of the medical examiner's report, the charge could be changed from attempted murder to murder, says the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.

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