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More quickly than you can say salvia divinorum, the fallout is coming from the bong video seen round the world.

While Miley Cyrus is still partying in the U.S.A. (New Orleans, to be specific), sad dad Billy Ray Cyrus is also putting some distance between himself and his daughter.

And that's not all. We've also got exclusive new information on the person behind the candid-camera footage and one an up-and-coming actor who's caught on tape—and now doing his darndest to distance himself from the scandal.

Here's our breakdown of where things stand...

The person who caught Miley on video during her "bad trip" just so happens to be her friend Anna Oliver.

"Miley is really pissed because they were close," a source says, adding that the two girls even discussed moving in together but now Miley is "pissed."

Anna has since deleted her Twitter account after receieving threats from Miley's fans. No word on how the video managed to get away from Anna. In any case, though, it's hard to believe Miley didn't know she was being shot.

As for the Liam Hemsworth lookalike Miley kept squawking about in the footage, that would be Friday Night Lights newbie Grey Damon. And he did not inhale, according to his rep.

"It was him and he has no comment," his rep tells us. "He was in the room for less than a minute."

And if you thought Miley might lay low after all the hoopla on Friday, you'd be wrong.

The singer went clubbing with costars Saturday night in New Orleans, where she's on location for a movie.

Miley, along with Kelly Osbourne and Alexis Knapp (aka Ryan Phillippe's girlfriend), hit up Republic.

"They were dancing in a private area upstairs where security blocked off their section," says an onlooker, "Apparently they kept saying how much fun they had and how great the venue was. Miley was going crazy dancing when a Lady Gaga song came on. She must be a huge fan!"

And even though the club's website says Saturdays are 21-plus, the source says that particular night was "18 to enter, 21 to drink" and Miley stuck to sipping Red Bull.

One thing's for sure...mama Tish is going to have her hands full keeping Miley in check when she gets back to L.A.

E! News has exclusively learned that Billy Ray is moving back to Nashville in light of his divorce.

"Billy Ray always talked about moving back to Tennessee," says an insider. "That's where he went after he announced his divorce and he hasn't been back since. He plans on making the move permanent."

The family source confirms that Miley's bong party took place in the Cyrus home in L.A. while both Billy Ray and Tish were away.

No word on who, if anyone, is keeping any eye on Miley as she shoots in the Big Easy, but her costars seem to think she's the perfect party partner.

"I luv Miley we r having a blast," Kelly Osbourne tweeted this weekend.

We bet you are.

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