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The nominations are out and only one burning question remains: just what was the Hollywood Foreign Press thinking nominating Burlesque?

Oops. We mean: just how big an honor is it to be nominated?

Take it away, nominees!

Johnny Depp, double nominee, Actor in a Motion Picture-Comedy/Musical, Alice in Wonderland and The Tourist: "One nomination would of course be a great honor, but two, is simply astonishing. I am floored, truly, by the HFPA's kindness and generosity. I wish to thank them dearly, as well as all those many wonderful souls who made the films in question possible. My deepest gratitude and respect goes out to you all."

Natalie Portman, Actress in a Motion Picture-Drama, Black Swan: "I'm very honored by the HFPA nomination, and to be included in this group of actresses I so admire. The experience of filming Black Swan with Darren Aronofsky and our incredible crew is already the most fulfilling experience of my career. The audience appreciation of the film is only furthering how grateful and proud I am to be part of the film."

Colin Firth, Actor in a Motion Picture-Drama, The King's Speech: "I'm truly grateful to be recognized by the Hollywood Foreign press for this film, and euphoric to be in the company of so many of my colleagues."

James Franco, Actor in a Motion Picture-Drama, 127 Hours: "I'm especially grateful to the HFPA for this honor and I'm excited to see 127 Hours being recognized this awards season. I'm happy for Danny Boyle and his team and our DP's Quique and Anthony who were there with me down in the canyon!  I am so proud of the film and that Aron Ralston's story has been well received!"

Ryan Gosling, Actor in a Motion Picture-Drama, Blue Valentine: "I am very grateful to the HFPA. I also would like to thank them for acknowledging Michelle Williams for her incredible performance. Without the 12 years of director Derek Cianfrance's unwavering vision and commitment none of this would have been possible. I share this nomination with both of them."

Michelle Williams, Actress in a Motion Picture-Drama, Blue Valentine: "This nomination is an honor and I am thrilled to share it with my friend, my coconspirator, and my favorite dance partner, Ryan Gosling. Thank you so much to the Hollywood Foreign Press, The Weinstein Company and of course to the inestimable Derek Cianfrance, whose vision led and sustained us all."

Jesse Eisenberg, Actor in a Motion Picture-Drama, The Social Network: "It was an honor to be part of this wonderful movie and we're so glad it was acknowledged by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association."

Michael Douglas, Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps: "To be selected with these extraordinary nominees is an honor and boy was I ready for some good news!"

Helena Bonham Carter, Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture-Drama, The King's Speech: "I'm very happy to get a nomination for The King's Speech on the eve of my daughter's birthday, it means I get a prezzie as well. If it reminds any producer, director, writer in the profession that I'm alive and kicking and available for work, then job well done. Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press and everyone that made me look good in The King's Speech."

Hugh Laurie, Actor in a TV Series-Drama, House: "I am thrilled and honoured. I am now going to turn the house upside down looking for that other cufflink."

Jon Hamm, Actor in a TV Series-Drama, Mad Men: "I am thrilled to be nominated for the Golden Globe. Beyond thrilled that my friend and co-star Elisabeth Moss's fine work was nominated, and beyond, beyond thrilled that the show was once again recognized validating the work of our entire cast, writing and production staff and crew. I'm not exactly sure what is that far beyond thrilled, but that's where I am. In fact, if the 'thrill continuum' was, say, the Jersey Turnpike and 'thrilled' was like, the Meadowlands, I think I'd probably be somewhere in Hackensack.  Many thanks to the HFPA for their continued support."

Alec Baldwin, Actor in a TV Series-Comedy, 30 Rock: "30 Rock is back, bigger and better than ever! We are very grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press."

Julianne Moore, Actress in a Motion Picture-Comedy/Musical, The Kids Are All Right: "I was busy putting towels in the dryer this morning and didn't hear my phone ring, so when my friend called a little later I was pretty sure she was consoling me. I am so thrilled to be nominated!"

Annette Bening, Actress in a Motion Picture-Comedy/Musical, The Kids Are All Right: "Seeing our movie getting so much recognition makes me proud. And being nominated alongside Julianne Moore is the best!"

Paul Giamatti, Actor in a Motion Picture-Comedy/Musical, Barney's Version: "Thank you to everyone at The HFPA. It's a great thrill to be honored for this performance. I believe Richard [J. Lewis] made a lovely movie, and I am really happy for the film to be recognized.I share this with Rosamund [Pike], Dustin [Hoffman] and all the cast and crew, who were a joy to work with."

Amy Adams, Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, The Fighter: "What an exciting morning for our film, especially when you consider what a terrific year it was for movies. Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this honor and also for recognizing Mark [Wahlberg], Melissa [Leo], Christian [Bale] and David [O. Russell]'s great work. I am deeply proud of the film and to be honored for it is icing on the cake."

Andrew Garfield, Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, The Social Network: "I'm very touched to have been nominated by the HFPA this morning and am thrilled that The Social Network has been recognized, as well as David [Fincher], Aaron [Sorkin], Jesse [Eisenberg] and Trent [Reznor]. The process of making this movie was an incredibly creative and joyous experience and to see the film honored in this way is truly a thrill and is something for which I'm very grateful."

Sofia Vergara, Supporting Actress in a Series/Miniseries/TV Movie, Modern Family: "I'm so honored to be nominated for a Golden Globe. Working on Modern Family is truly the best job and to be recognized for my work is such a gift."

Geoffrey Rush, Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, The King's Speech: "Playing an Australian commoner called upon to teach a reluctant English King some life lessons for me was fascinating in itself. To have it embraced by American audiences and to be so honored by the HFPA only endorses how global this story has become. Seeing a small scale project play into an international arena makes this all the more worthwhile. I'm very proud to be a part of this film and thrilled for my colleagues who were also nominated in such illustrious company."

Carrie Underwood, Best Song "There's a Place For Us," The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader: "I am absolutely thrilled by this wonderful honor today. It was such an exciting endeavor to have been asked to create music for the film. I grew up with the books and have been a fan of the earlier two movies. I can't wait for the Golden Globes!"

Jim Parsons, Actor in a TV Series-Comedy/Musical, The Big Bang Theory: "I don't even know what to say.  I am so surprised and honored, but mostly I have to say I am thrilled the show is nominated and that I get to celebrate this with the cast and crew."

Jeremy Renner, Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, The Town: ""I raise a cup of coffee, grinning from ear to ear at this very early hour, to the HFPA with gratitude as this represents an enormous milestone for me personally as an artist and I will be forever indebted to Ben Affleck my partner in crime."

Emma Stone, Actress in a Motion Picture-Comedy/Musical, Easy A: "I am so grateful for this nomination. To be placed in a category with all of these incredibly talented actresses is an honor I never expected."

Claire Danes, Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie, Temple Grandin: "I am honored to be recognized by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Temple Grandin is an extraordinary, revolutionary and inspiring woman. I feel deeply privileged to have been chosen to tell her story."

Laura Linney, Actress in a TV Series-Comedy/Musical, The Big C: "I feel extremely honored to be nominated amongst such a talented group of women and I'm absolutely thrilled for our show, The Big C and would like to congratulate all of the cast and crew on their nomination."

Edie Falco, Actress in a TV Series-Comedy/Musical, Nurse Jackie: "My friends and I at Nurse Jackie are thrilled to be recognized for the work we love to do."

Scott Caan, Supporting Actor in a Series/Miniseries/TV Movie, Hawaii Five-0: "I'm so very grateful to the HFPA for this nomination. It's an amazing feeling and honor to be put in this light, especially for doing something that I love. It's really been an incredible year of opportunity for me. I've been so lucky this year to work on projects that I dig with amazing people, the cast and crew of Hawaii Five-0, and to feel the support from CBS."

Jennifer Lawrence, Actress in a Motion Picture-Drama, Winter's Bone: "Working on Winter's Bone with such talented people was an incredible experience, and never did I dream that it would lead to this moment. I'm so proud of this movie and words can't describe being in the company of these extraordinary actresses. 'Thank you' is the best I can do right now."

Darren Aronofsky, Director, Black Swan: "I am very thankful to the HFPA for this honor. The prestige of the nominations draws attention to independent films like Black Swan and I think helps get these small films made. I am also so thrilled for my actors Natalie [Portman] and Mila [Kunis] who gave me their spirits to film and risked losing toe nails every day."

David O. Russell, Director, The Fighter: "This film's been a fighter from the start to finish, from the true story of Micky Ward's struggle to find himself and become a champion, to Mark Wahlberg's struggle to get this movie made, to the scrappy way we made the film in 33 days, to the actors who took on the roles with a ferocity that is not to be matched. I'm grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press, and our producers, David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman, Ryan Kavanaugh, Relativity, and Paramount for believing in our story."

Katey Sagal, Actress in a TV Series-Drama, Sons of Anarchy: "I couldn't be more thrilled with the news this morning, which is not only a testament to the impact my character 'Gemma Teller' has had on audiences, but more importantly how Sons of Anarchy has made a mark. Without my fellow castmates, especially Ron Perelman, Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff and the genius of our creator and writer Kurt Sutter, I wouldn't be getting such an exciting 5 a.m. wake-up call. Thank you so much to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association."

Jennifer Love Hewitt, Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie, The Client List: "I am so thrilled and grateful for this nomination. When I first read the story that inspired the movie, I knew it was powerful material, and I'm so happy I had the chance to bring it to life."

Idris Elba, Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie, Luther: "I'm speechless man. I'm on the set of Luther 2, and we're all looking around like, 'What? Is this really happening?' It's a small BBC Show, but a great show, and this is such a great honor. I'm really happy right now."

Tom Hooper, Director, The King's Speech: "I am absolutely thrilled with all the nominations for The King's Speech and hugely grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press. I am so delighted for our entire cast, composer, Alexandre and for David Seidler whose journey towards making this film started as a small boy listening to King George VI on the radio. I am so grateful to my extraordinary cast and crew for helping to bring this unlikely story of friendship to life.  Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for supporting our film and making me very happy at 2 in the morning in Melbourne, Australia!"

Robert Carlock, nominated as executive producer for Best Comedy Series, 30 Rock: "It is truly an honor to be nominated.  We couldn't be more thrilled.  Our table will require two vegetarian meals.  Is now the time to deal with this?"

Lisa Cholodenko, writer/director of Best Picture nominee The Kids Are All Right: "I'm so grateful that the Hollywood Foreign Press has recognized The Kids Are All Right with four Golden Globe nominations, including Best Picture and for both Julianne Moore and Annette Bening's phenomenal performances.  I'm also thrilled to be able to share a screenwriting nomination with Stuart Blumberg, after years of writing—and rewriting!—this movie together."

Via Twitter:

Lea Michele, Actress in a TV Series-Comedy/Musical, Glee: "Oh my g-d!!!! So excited, happy, thrilled, and thankful this morning :) What amazing news!! So happy for our show, Jane [Lynch], matt [Morrison] & chris [Colfer] too!!!!"

Chris Colfer, Supporting Actor in a TV Series-Comedy/Musical, Glee: "OMGG! I can't believe it! Am I awake? OUCH! Yes, I'm awake! I'm going to obnoxiously tackle everyone I see today!"

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