Rumors have been swirling and shot down about the possibility of Betty Ford's fave patient, Lindsay Lohan, joining the next season of Dancing With the Stars.

Michael Lohan—the greatest judge of everything in the world—said his baby girl could win the whole thing, and while we like to try and make it a point to disagree with everything that guy says, we are actually onboard with the idea of Linds doing DWTS.

And so are her friends...

"It sounded ridiculous at first, but the more I think about it the more I think she should do it," says a close chum of Lohan's who has always been concerned about her health.

"In the end it could not only be career-saving, but life-saving."

This, we feel, is so true.

While Lohan was on track (prebooze and blow) to becoming the next Meryl Streep, that isn't happening anymore. It's time to forget Oscar dreams and be realistic right now.—like just saving the woman's life.

By doing Dancing, Lindsay's likability will increase immensely, especially with the judgey older crowd across America who are the ones tuning into the ABC hit.

Jeez, if Bristol Palin can two-step her way into the finals, Lindsay can, too! Right? After all, the Tea Party wasn't entirely responsible for getting Bristol as far she went.

And as goofy as people look sometimes, the work that goes into DWTS is intense. It would keep Lindsay healthy and with training, rehearsals and filming, she wouldn't even have time to fall off the wagon.

"Lindsay is still stubborn, so unless her management thinks this is a good idea it probably won't happen," adds Lohan's pal. "But passing on Inferno certainly was a great move."

Passing, fired, who cares!

Glad Lindsay is out of that freaky porn flick. And we are feeling the dancing idea although it's been emphasized that it's "a long shot."

What about you? Should Lindsay dance it out? Chime in below!

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