Dianna Agron, Alex Pettyfer


Dear Ted:
I love your Bitch-Backs, read ‘em everyday and have wanted to write in for a while. My question is about Dianna Agron and her hot British boyfriend Alex Pettyfer. Is this romance real or is it just for publicity for their movie coming out soon? You were talking earlier about some of the Glee cast being fame hungry and staging paparazzi photo shoots. Is Dianna included in this?
B McKenna

Dear Quinn-tessential Q:
There are definitely sparks between the twosome; it's not totally PR. But if it helps sell their weirdo alien flick to, then that helps, right? Plus Vanessa Hudgens was very much off the market. We just worry Alex isn't Di's best match. Oh well, why not get hot and heavy while it lasts? He's hot.

Dear Ted:
I just want to say my two cents about this whole name-calling issue. In my opinion, name-callers reveal much more about their own personalities than the person their speaking of. Happy people don't feel the need to drag people down with their ugly comments. Maybe all Chelsea Handler needs is more hugging and less boozing!

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Dear Sticks and Stones:
Chelsea is a comedian, and her shtick is knocking celebs who think too much of themselves. If you're not into it, it's time you change the channel, completely. She's hardly a "bully." But, BYS, aren't you kind of name calling by calling her a boozer? Just saying.

Dear Ted:
I know Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz are all about being best buds now but was there ever a time, perhaps earlier in the Twi-life, when she lusted for that muscled frame?

Dear Friend Zone:
Even though Kellan has told us he and Ash are strictly besties, we're sure that the initial meeting was far from purely platonic! Who wouldn't lust after that musclicious hunk of a man? Even if he doesn't think he's a gym rat, muscles like that are never just for bestie snuggling.

Dear Ted:
Wow, some of your readers, and especially the Robsten commenters will drive you from smoking directly into drinking, no? I guess you are supposed to write about nothing but them. Change the name from B.B. to R.K. and then maybe they will be happy. But my question is, how often are a pair of beards matched up and using each other for cover? Like perhaps Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream? Do either of their beards use them to cover their own B.V.s? Thanks!
not a nonsten, but not a crazed stalker either

Dear Bitchin' Beard:
I would lock your doors at night if I were you. Taking on the Robsten fanatics is a brave feat, hon! As to your Q, occasionally a beard agrees to cover her own secrets, but that takes extra serious planning. JJO's and DDD's beards are irrelevant as of late. They aren't exactly on their A-game these days.

Dear Ted:
You've really disappointed me in your strange silence on Kathy Griffin's "fat attack" on Bristol Palin. Where's all the righteous indignation and concern for girls' fragile body image issues? Just can't work up much for a Palin? I know you're not a Palin fan, but come on. Those remarks went totally beyond the pale and weren't remotely funny. Not that I ever find Griffin funny...just mean and pathetic. I believe you're a better person than to condone such behavior, Please prove me right.

Dear Weighty Issue:
You're right, Deb. Sure, I'm not a fan of Sarah (and the thought of her getting anywhere near the oval office terrifies me), but Kath was pretty harsh on B and her body. Especially since her stint on DWTS made her some sort of effed-up role model for younger girls? Barf. But Kath is going to speak her mind no matter what you say, sorry.

Dear Ted:
What's the deal with Lea Michele and her Broadway boyfriend? Do you think their love is real?

Dear Lyrical Loving:
It's no secret that Lea is dating Theo Stockman, especially since they can't keep their hands off each other...like ever! I don't think the two are headed down the aisle, but they're pretty serious right now—despite any rumors you may hear.

Dear Ted:
I thought I knew Chiquita's identity, but now I'm not so sure. Can you tell me if her TV character dated or is currently dating the hunky costar's character on their show?

Dear Chiquita Gone Bananas:
Nope. But you know how those romantic teen sitcoms go: on today, off tomorrow, occasionally getting handsy in the janitor's closet. That sorta thing. It's hard to keep track.

Dear Ted:
Do Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart know their own Blind Vices or each other's Vices?

Dear Krisbian:
Yes and yes.

Dear Ted:
You mentioned that Toothy's sexual preference is very well-known in the business and that he is also very well-known for having famous beards. If the mags and gossip columns (including yours) know these facts, why do they continue to print stories about his current and/or past romances knowing that they are totally fake? Do you and others get paid to publish these or is it a way of keeping his legal team off your back while you continue to out him albeit through his B.V.?
Totally in to TT, Gay or Straight

Dear Too Technical:
Because, speaking for Team Truth, we love T2 so much we're willing to throw him a bone or two when it comes to whichever gal is by his side that week. It's goss, after all, and that's what the Awful Truth is. We've got no plans to out the dude. That's his own biz.

Dear Ted:
Do Lucretia Johnson and Jackie Bouffant know each other?

Dear Snooping:
Sure, but not like that.

Dear Ted:
Maybe it's just me, but something is awfully fishy about Hilary Duff and that new husband of hers. Has she ever been a B.V.?

Dear Call My Duff:
We all know Hil has been a topic of celeb concern in the past. What kind of concern exactly? Who cares! Sure as hell not me these days, no matter how big of a sweetie she is. Sorry someone's gotta say it! And for the record, there's nothing Vicey going on between H.D. and her new hubby. They're very...normal.

Dear Ted:
Does Ryan Gosling know about Blake Lively's Vice? If so, does it matter to him? Think these two will last?

Dear Blind Vice Date:
He loves her Vice, trust. But more on this delish duo later.

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