Survivor: Nicaragua's latest castoff is finally setting the rodent record straight.

In one of the reality show's most memorable sendoffs, Ben Henry called that night's eliminee Alina a "100 percent Grade-A dirt squirrel."

After much debate about the precise meaning of the infamous squirrel slur, we finally have an answer...

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Ben Benry Henry

Monty Brinton/CBS

"By definition, a dirt squirrel is a two-legged female that scavenges for nuts and often displays moral inconsistency," Benry explained in our exit interview today.

"I caught a lot of heat for that comment," he added, "but there's a lot that you the viewer doesn't get to see. The day Alina was voted out, [people told me] she was running around camp [calling me a] liar [and accusing me of] stealing bananas. So at Tribal Council I was super heated that she was trying to get me out, [but also] just the way she played the game—she was super shifty and I saw right through her the entire time. She was a little dirt squirrel, and I still think she's a little dirt squirrel. I don't regret saying that all because it was hilarious and I think it was perfect. I do not feel bad for the little dirt squirrel."

What about your other charming tribemate, NaOnka?
She's probably the most charming girl I've ever met in my life. No, I'm kidding, she's extremely ignorant and it was tough to watch her this season. But that being said she's a good girl and she does have a big heart. [Both NaOnka and Purple Kelly are] great girls outside the game, but they're quitters and I don't respect their decision. They don't regret it. If I was sitting in their shoes I'd be kicking myself and regretting it to the max, but they did what they wanted. Their being on the jury with us and [having] a say in who wins the million dollars doesn't really bother me.

Is there any player you'd like to see in the spots they vacated?
It was tough to see Marty go. He's a very smart player and I did trust him, as weird as it sounds.

Who is the season's dumbest player?
It would have to be NaOnka—but I'll come out straight up and say that Chase is probably one of the dumber players in the game for damn sure. [Marty agrees—he called Chase "dumber than a bag of hammers" in our exit interview.] Playing with his emotions and playing with his heart all game long was extremely stupid.

Who is the smartest player?
As tough as it is for me to say, Sash is probably one of the smarter players this season. Marty was extremely smart too—I just don't think the cards played out in his favor. Sash knows exactly what he's doing. He knows the game very well, he's playing with his head. Every aspect of that kid's game has been beneficial. Like he said last night, he's a triple threat: he [won] Immunity, he was in the majority alliance, and he has the Hidden Immunity Idol. He's definitely sitting in a nice boat. He's a good guy, but I wasn't fond of him—just watching his little comments and that smirk and that laugh drives me nuts. Just watching his interviews drives me nuts.

I want to set the record straight: Fabio is not as dumb as everybody thinks, and I think that was a big part of his strategy. He's an intelligent kid, I have a lot of respect for the kid. He could very well be one of the smarter players in the game still.

Is there anything you wish you'd done differently to save yourself last night?
I put a lot of trust and faith in both Sash and Chase, too much that late in the game. I definitely could've scrambled a little more. They all saw me as a threat—that's why they voted me out—but did I win immunity at all? No. Did Jane? Yeah, she won it three times. I think I could've convinced them honestly that Jane is a way bigger threat than me. She's got superhuman strength and could easily win immunity and win her way into the top three. They already knew you don't want to be sitting next to her in the final.

Who do you want to see in the final three? Are you going to miss Benry? Let us know in the comments!

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