Woo-hoo! It's Ian Somerhalder's birthday and in honor of this momentous occasion (which, let's be honest, we celebrate year-round), we're here with a Vampire Diaries spoilerama just for you.

What's ahead for Delena? Do Katherine (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) really get it on cave-style? Ian's telling all, plus revealing his one and only birthday wish—besides, of course, running away with me and Baby Dos Dos Santos...

VIDEO: Press play above now for Ian's (awesome) interview!

Ian Somerhalder, Vampire Diaries

Bob Mahoney/The CW

First thing's first, Delena fans are going to need to sit tight just a little while longer. Sure, every scene between the star-crossed lovers frenemies is hot like fiyah, but that doesn't mean Damon and Elena will act on their impulses anytime soon.

"Damon may or may not have tried to kill her brother, he may or may not have sort of ruined her life nine ways to Sunday," Ian tells us. "There's a very serious uphill battle that Damon would have to trudge up to make that happen."

"She wears that stupid little necklace that prevents Damon from getting what he wants," he laughs. "Why doesn't he just rip it off? Then he can do whatever he wants. Well, he had the opportunity to and he passed on it."

Translation: Damon is a good guy and would never do to E what Stefan's about to do...

You know, like getting all kinds of cave-sex cozy with her doppelgänger nemesis in this week's episode.

Teases Ian, "Oh yeah, there's some stuff that happens in that cave between Stefan and Katherine that we all read and went, 'Whoa! Is this HBO?'"

But alas, it's not—or we'd see more shirtless (and nakie) vamps à la the Bon Temps variety.

Ian Somerhalder

E! Networks

Still, it is Ian's (fully clothed, grumble!) birthday, and since he's already back in Atlanta celebrating with his TV fam, we're giving him the gift from across the nation: spreading the word about his incredible new charity, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

"The IS Foundation is focusing on the environment, Earth and its creatures," Ian tells us of his latest philanthropic endeavor. "It's a huge collaborative spirit, and giant educational tools working globally, and really about educating youth now, for tomorrow.

"After this whole BP oil spill thing, I realized, wait a minute, we have to do something. So no more talking—doing. I'm going to launch this thing, and I'm just asking everyone to help me with it. We get to do tons of things, like national school contests, and we get to do all of these great things because we'll have the brainpower and the resources to do it. It's going to be awesome."

So if you're feeling generous and want to make Ian's birthday extra special, head here and give a little.

Don't miss Ian and the rest of The Vampire Diaries crew on an amazing new episode Thursday at 8 p.m. on the CW. And check back tomorrow for part two of my fun little sit-down with Ian, where he tells me all about Damon's new partner,  who he might marry someday...and more on Delena, too!

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