Hey, kids—wanna get famous? Well, all you need is an overly aggressive mother, tickets to a Michael Bublé concert and a damn good set of pipes. At least, that's all that 15-year-old Brit Sam Hollyman seemed to need last October when he wound up onstage with the Grammy winner.

On a related note, is it too late to throw "Holy s--tballs, mom!" into the ring as phrase of the year?

Here's the deal…

While making the rounds on his Crazy Love tour last October, Bublé performed in Birmingham. In the audience was a proud (and loud) mother, who interrupted proceedings to inform Bublé, onstage at the time, that she had a 15-year-old son named Sam who was apparently quite the talent.

After growing impatient with the pushiness (or maybe just not wanting to use up any more time humoring the "crazy woman"), the good-natured Bublé invited the boy up onto the stage.

"Are you asking me or are you telling me? I know you're a mom, I'm a singer...you know what, because we've taken it this far, why don't you come up here," he told Sam.

The boy was then allowed through security up onstage and Bublé began singing the first line of "I'm Feeling Good." He passed the mic to Sam for the second line, and, well, see if you can tell the difference between the two.

Bublé, certainly, was caught off guard, providing one of the best reactions we've seen.

"Holy s--tballs, mom!" he cried, jumping up and starting the song over, allowing Sam to take center stage.

"I've got another four years before Sam wins The X Factor and drives my career into the f--king pavement," he said once it was over, inviting the teen backstage to hang out after the show. "Sam, that was pretty damn fine, man."

It was also pretty damn lucky. That very night, cameras were present recording the proceedings for This Is Michael Bublé, a TV documentary on the singer that aired in Britain over the weekend. Guess which highlight of the night made the cut?

Suddenly, Sam was transformed from local celebrity to national folk hero, and a Facebook campaign has already launched to get him to audition for Britain's Got Talent.

Guess that means Bublé's got five more good years before the competition really starts.

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