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Merry Christmas, Gleeks! Are your chestnuts roasting? Stockings stuffed? Tree trimmed? If you've fallen behind on your holiday cheer, tonight's episode of Glee had more than enough festive fun to catch you up.

And speaking of catching up, here's what went down on "A Very Glee Christmas"…


Got a Grinch? Send 'Em Some Glee: The opening number while New Directions decorated the tree was like a shot of glittered holiday cheer directly into our brain. And what an appropriate song: "The Island of Misfit Toys." Who do you think is the squirt gun that squirts jelly?

Rachel Needs to Dig Deep: As beautiful as her voice is, Rachel is going to have to do a little better than giving Finn "a song sung out of love" in order to win him back. In fact, don't you all think she needs to put the drama and her ego aside, and just tell Finn straight up she screwed up royally? Like Finn said, Rachel messed him up bad. He needs time, and she needs to do some soul searching if she ever wants to become Finchel again. But was that little smile Finn gave her at the end enough to give you hope?

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Sigh... Oh, we're sorry. We were too busy pressing our noses up against the TV and completely bursting with love for Chris and Blaine during "Baby, It's Cold Outside" to come up with a clever lead-in. If you didn't break into at least a smirk at the sight of those two, have your heart checked. Just kiss already! You might have seen some of us on Twitter starting the campaign (##kurtblaineKISSalready), but we need more strength in numbers. Join in the fun!

All We Want For Christmas Is: Channing Tatum to stop being in stuff? Chapstick? Nah, all we want is more bad blood between Will and Sue. It's the oldest Glee plot point, but we love it oh so much. It always makes for great scenes. Side note, how lovely did Sue look in that pink track suit? It really brought out the flush in her scowling face muscles.

OK, Now We're Totally on Board With Artie and Brittany: The lengths good ole Artie went to in order to keep Brittany's belief in Santa intact was one of the sweetest couple moments of the season. Even walking in on Sue the Grinch wasn't enough to shatter her faith in the big guy, and wouldn't you know it...Santa (Beiste) came through in the end. What did you guys think of Artie's Christmas miracle?

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Katie Couric She's coming, and she may or may not be wearing a top hat and carrying a cane. We have to wait until the Super Bowl episode to find out if she was kidding or not.

A Long Empty Road: And here comes the dreaded winter hiatus. We won't be getting a new Glee episode until February! We can hear you weeping from here. But on the plus side, the Super Bowl episode is going to be so epic, we might forgive the cast and crew for taking a holiday. Emphasis on might.

The Emergence of a New Power Couple: Ready for Mrittany? No? Neither is Harry Shum Jr. "Everyone's rooting for Brittany. Mike and Brittany," he says. "I think with the dancing thing which is, I think, a little too typical. I think it's great they make great dance partners and you haven't really seen their relationship outside of that before, but I don't know, I think we can mix it up a bit. Whether it be a new character coming in, hot supermodel or something." Harry wants to put Mike with a supermodel? We're telling Tina. See what else Harry had to say about Artie, Finchel and the Super Bowl episode when he talked to Kristin Dos Santos.

Graduation…or Not: We know the core cast of Glee can't stick around forever, (although we keep sending Ryan Murphy shackles. Use ‘em Ryan!) but at least one New Direction member has a plan to stay in high school. "I'm trying to make sure that I don't pass my classes and I do really bad and stay as long as I can," Harry admits. "I know Brittany might be held back a good amount because she's not all there. I don't know, possible spinoffs or something." A spinoff starring Mike and Brittany? Consider us intrigued.

Well, that was the first half of season two, Gleeks! All wrapped up in a pretty bow for you to obsess over until we get new episodes in 2011. What did you think of all the Christmas magic? Are you still holding out hope for our favorite couples? Head down to the comments, and we'll see you next year!

(Originally published Dec. 7, 2010, at 7:30 p.m.)

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