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Ashton Kutcher hasn't raised too many eyebrows over at Vivid Entertainment.

In response to the actor's threat of legal action for the use of his name in a press release touting a sex tape featuring a gal who claimed she had a fling with the actor, the adult entertainment distributor claims all is fair in alleged affairs and porn marketing.

"We take all allegations made against Vivid seriously," Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch exclusively tells E! News. "We have been in business for over 26 years, and have a strong reputation in the industry. Details of the alleged affair have been widely reported in the press for months and we do not suggest in any way that Ashton Kutcher sponsors or endorses the Video. If there are legitimate claims, we will act accordingly to resolve them."

And Hirsch's lawyers are backing him up on this one.

"First and foremost, Vivid specifically denies any wrongdoing or liability and believes the allegations made against Vivid are without merit," states a letter from Vivid attorney Michael Weremblewski to Kutcher lawyer Robert D. Offer exclusively obtained by E! News.

"Is your client alleging that Vivid somehow concocted a story that Mr. Kutcher had an affair with Brittney Jones, thereby damaging Mr. Kutcher's reputation?" he continued. "Mr. Kutcher's alleged affair with Brittney Jones has been widely reported in the press for several months.

"Therefore, we doubt the claim of substantial damages and placement of Mr. Kutcher in extreme jeopardy arises from Vivid's upcoming release of an adult video featuring his alleged mistress, Brittney Jones."

Jones caught the media's attention last month when she claimed to have bedded Kutcher while wife Demi Moore was out of town. The What Happens in Vegas star adamantly denied the story.

His attorney fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Vivid last week, demanding the porn peddler drop his name from promo materials linked to Jones' sex tape.

And apparently even Jones would rather be heard and not seen, because her legal camp threatened to sue Vivid if they persist in releasing her sex tape for profit, claiming the video belongs to her and no one had the right to sell it.

Hirsch told E! News yesterday that he looked forward to working all this out with Jones' attorney.

And his lawyer politely told Kutcher's camp that if they're "aware of any other facts" that suggest the actor has suffered damages, be sure to let him know.

(Originally published Dec. 7, 2010, at 5 p.m. PT)

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