Last night's My Big Friggin' Wedding was, well, something to behold. Alyssa went out on her bachelorette party with all her friends and her sloppy drunk of a mother. They rented a party bus and a male stripper to entertain them on said bus, and it was all fine and drunken dandy. That is, until Alyssa's sloppy drunk of a mother became an extra sloppy drunk of a mother, and things devolved from there.

Good thinking, Jackie. If there's one thing camera crews refuse to film, it's naked women.

Later, back on the party bus, the girls started pointing fingers about who's fault it was that Alyssa's sloppy drunk of a mother became an extra sloppy drunk of a mother. See if you can spot the one person who really wishes they could just leave now. Hint: it's the naked male stripper. 

Pssh, chicks, man. What are you gonna do, right? Hey, can you toss me my fleece lined banana hammock over there? I'm gettin' kinda cold.

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