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Chelsea Handler made waves (and then defended them) earlier this week when she called the almighty and powerful Saint Angelina Jolie that hideous word. You know, the one starting with the letter C. Rhymes with stunt?

(Note: If you still don't know the word we're referring to, you are far too young to be reading this blolum.)

Somehow, we think if Chelsea had left it at plain, old ordinary misogynistic whore or bitch, the media world would be over it by now. So we have to ask: What's in a name?

You'd think all terms are equally derogatory. So has the whole Chelsea vs. Angelina thing escalated because of her poor choice in vocabulary?

Isaiah Washington ruined his career when he called T.R. Knight a you know what. And while you know how we feel here (yeah, he deserved to get canned), you still see dudes in the gay community calling each other the F word in a funny or embracing way. Similar to the N word in the black community.

We think all the derogatory slang needs to just go away completely. And if that's not going to happen (which it's not), then let's at least come up with one for straight white guys. Sorry, but dick or asshole is nuthin'. What's the worst name you've heard Brad Pitt called?

Thought so.

But Angelina gets it straight through the eyes for doing pretty much the exact same thing Braddie did.

So, do you think this name calling stuff is inappropriate across the board, or is it OK when you keep it in your group?

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Was it OK for Chelsea to call Angie a c--t because she¿s a woman?
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