Guess Which Celebrity

Carin Baer/Lopez Tonight

Yes, we said barbed-wire booty protector. And no, that derriere does not belong to who you think.

Because while such a device may seem more fitting for the J. Los and Kim Kardashians of the world, this star, ordinarily known for her wacky coiffure (wait'll you see the tie-dye situation currently happening on her head), can now be counted among their bootylicious ranks, especially in light of her recent below-the-belt shenanigans.

Which means this asset protector came not a moment too soon. So who is it?

Nicki Minaj

Carin Baer/Lopez Tonight

It's Nicki Minaj!

The device was gifted to the chart buster on The George Lopez Show last night after the TBS host decided her rearview needed to bolster its defenses.

After all, it was just last week that Regis Philbin was unable to resist the allure of a little on-air bum brush. And even Rihanna has been known to get in a little good-natured perving when Miss Minaj is around.

So, well done George. This is truly the gift that'll keep on giving.

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